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Executive Management of Virtual Graffiti Ltd.

Meet Virtual Graffiti’s Management Team. Virtual Graffiti's management team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and delivering outstanding service. If you have any inquires please call us at 020 3929 5822!


Jonny Wahlhaus

Managing Director, Virtual Graffiti (UK)




team member

Jonny completed a Commerce Marketing Degree in 2010 and travelled to the USA for extensive training at Virtual Graffiti, Inc prior to returning to Australia and starting from scratch to build up a customer base in the region. Since then...


Chad Zaiden

General Manager, Virtual Graffiti (UK)




team member

Chad joined Virtual Graffiti from the world of finance and has quickly adapted to the IT industry. As General Manager, Chad is across many aspects of Virtual Graffiti UK, and doesn't shy away from Sales, with a focus on Networking and Wireless. Chad's attention to details ensures a positive customer experience from start to end.


Uri Kosky

Senior Sales Executive, Virtual Graffiti (UK)




team member

Uri joined Virtual Graffiti UK in 2018, after almost a decade of experience in the IT industry. Uri's hands-on background in Networking and UC Comms has enabled him to understand customer requirements from an 'on-the-ground' perspective, and tailor solutions accordingly. Uri is a great technical resource to the company and its customers.