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Executive Management of Virtual Graffiti

- President & CEO, Virtual Graffiti Inc.

Hillel founded Virtual Graffiti, Inc as an e-commerce software development company in 1999. Within the first few years, Hillel shifted the company's core focus to the fast growing network security market. Under his leadership, Virtual Graffiti, based in Irvine, California, has experienced tremendous growth into a multi-million dollar, international, IT Solution Provider. Hillel is involved in many of the day to day operations as well as key vendor and customer relations. He has implied a strong and focused work ethic among all of the employees. This has created a fun and focused atmosphere that encourages growth.

- Managing Director, Virtual Graffiti Australia Pty Ltd

In 2010, Alan identified the Virtual Graffiti business model in the USA as being best in class, particularly with regard to the exceptional customer service. He approached Virtual Graffiti, Inc with a proposal to bring their model to Australia to service the ANZ and Asia Pacific Region. The model has proven to be of great value to end users in this region and there has been an enthusiastic response from a range of customers, including SMBs, Corporate, Government, Education and Hospitality.

- Sales Director, Virtual Graffiti Australia Pty Ltd & Managing Director, Virtual Graffiti Limited (UK)

Jonny completed a Commerce Marketing Degree in 2010 and travelled to the USA for extensive training at Virtual Graffiti, Inc prior to returning to Australia and starting from scratch to build up a customer base in the region. Since then, Jonny has returned to the USA periodically for ongoing training and he has become highly regarded by VGA's customers for his knowledge, integrity and exceptional customer service. In February 2017, Jonny relocated to establish Virtual Graffiti Limited in the UK and offer the same level of customer service to the UK market. As the Sales Director of Virtual Graffiti Australia Pty Limited since start-up, Jonny has extensive experience in delivering the Virtual Graffiti model to new markets.