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What Is A QNAP

QNAP's Network Attached Storage(NAS) are systems that consist of one or more hard drives that are constantly connected to the internet. The QNAP becomes your backup "hub", or storage unit that stores all your important files and media such as photos, videos and music. Imagine it being your external hard drive, but rather taking it everywhere, it is placed at home and accessible for you and your family to use at anytime and anywhere.

What is NAS

Powered By The Intuitive QTS NAS OS

QTS is designed to deliver high-performance applications and services fulfilling your needs in file sharing, storage management, backup, virtual environments, multimedia, and more. With the QNAP App Center, users can easily enjoy powerful business and home entertainment applications.

Why Do You Need A QNAP

We know you don't often think about storage, so we have created a solution for you. Storing with the QNAP will let you rethink the way you store, and how you reuse and revisit your files.

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File Backup

Never have to lose a file again with the QNAP NAS. It acts as your backup solution in case anything happens, such as a hard-drive failure, or even a lost computer or laptop!

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Centralize and Organize your Files

Have you ever had times when you want to access a file that is stored on another device? Centralizing files with the QNAP makes it easy for you or your friends, family or co-workers to access files anywhere, anytime.Have you ever had times when you want to access a file that is stored on another device? Centralizing files with the QNAP makes it easy for you or your friends, family or co-workers to access files anywhere, anytime.

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File Sharing

"How do you want me to send it?" is what you and I hear everyday during work when working with coworkers or teammates. Instead of waiting for a file to upload or attach to your email, you can easily send files by sharing a unique link for your project files, albums, movies and music.

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Extra Storage

Our files are getting larger and larger as the high-resolution standards take over the consumer electronics industry. The QNAP plays a useful role in centralizing files such as photos, videos, music, movies that you'd never want to lose.

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Secure your Files, just in case

Instead of storing files in the public cloud, the QNAP acts as your personal cloud, which is dedicated for you, and you only. It is secured, safe and reliable.

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Remote Access

QNAP becomes your external backup device, but even more powerful - by which it is connected to the web for you to access anywhere, anytime. QNAP provides many dedicated apps on the phone for users to enjoy and utilize.

Backup All You Want, However You Want

What is NAS

Backup your Mac with Time Machine to the NAS

QNAP NAS provides Mac OS X users with an effortless solution to back up desktop data. No more dedicating external hard drives just for your Time Machine backups. With the NAS, you can set the capacity in the Turbo NAS dedicated for Mac data backup.

What is NAS

NAS to NAS Backup

QNAP offer easy solutions for users to backup from their QNAP NAS to another. You can either backup in real-time with QNAP's RTRR service or via a standard rsync protocol.

What is NAS

Cloud Backup

If backing up to the NAS is not enough, QNAP users can also backup to various cloud services. Discover and learn more on how to backup to cloud services below.

  • Amason S3
  • Dropbox
  • ElephantDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Azure

What is NAS

One-touch Backup/ External Backup

The QNAP NAS provides a convenient way to backup from external devices such as digital cameras or USB disks to the front-panel USB port. Simply hit the “Copy” button to instantly backup data from the device to the NAS.

Choose According To Your Needs

Home/SOHO SMB Enterprise
Easy data storage Centralize storage Centralize file server
Mac & workstation Backup Mac & workstation backup iSCSI IP-SAN
Multimedia streaming (*) Built-in VM Hypervisor (*) Storage for virtual environments
HDMI output (*) QvPC technology ready (*) 10GbE ready (**)
Access anywhere 10GbE ready (**) Windows AD

*: Some models with ARM-based CPU don't support HDMI, VM Hypervisor, and QvPC technology
**: Some models with 10 GbE built-in

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