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Aqua Security

We stop attacks on cloud native applications

See and stop threats across every phase of your software development lifecycle, from code to cloud and back

Pioneering Cloud Native Security

Aqua was founded in 2015 with the singular mission to protect cloud native assets. We saw the transition to cloud native technologies in its infancy, and we recognized the major security problems it created.

There was a need for an entirely new approach to security—one purpose-built to enable organizations to move to cloud native safely. Aqua developed the first-ever platform to protect cloud native environments. Since then, we’ve become leaders in cloud native security from code to cloud and back, researching and developing new solutions to see and stop attacks.

Unify cloud security to detect, prioritize, and reduce risk

See and stop threats across every phase of your software development lifecycle,

Dev Security

Secure your weakest software supply chain links and prevent security risks
from becoming security incident

from code to cloud and back

  • Software Supply Chain Security
  • Risk & Vulnerability Scanning
  • Advanced Malware Protection

Cloud Security

Quickly see and prioritize your cloud security risks to mitigate the most critical threats to your organization, stopping attacks in real time

  • Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP)
  • Cloud Security Posture (CSPM)
  • Kubernetes Security Posture (KSPM)

One Platform

Bring teams together around the most comprehensive, fully integrated Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) to regain visibility and reduce risk to your business

  • Correlated risk insights
  • Automated response actions
  • Out-of-the-box compliance reporting

Aqua platform

Gain total lifecycle visibility, reduce risks and stop attacks with the most comprehensive,
fully integrated Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Full Lifecycle Software Supply Chain Security

Confidently protect all the links in your software supply chain to maintain code integrity and minimize attack surfaces.

Container Scanning

Protect cloud native applications by minimizing their attack surface, embedded secrets, and other security issues during the development cycle.

Dynamic Threat Analysis

The critical security sandbox layer for containers that weeds out advanced malware designed to activate in production. Advanced malware detection for every entry point from code to cloud.

Cloud Workload Protection

Observe and secure your cloud-based workloads with one platform that works across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Next Generation Cloud Security: Real-Time CSPM

Identify, prioritize, and remediate the most critical cloud security risks in real-time

Holistic Kubernetes Security for the Enterprise

Tame the complexity of Kubernetes security with KSPM (Kubernetes Security Posture Management) and advanced Kubernetes runtime protection.


Enterprise-Grade Security for Docker Environments

Aqua provides end-to-end security for applications running on Docker Enterprise Edition or Community Edition, protecting the DevOps pipeline.

Securing Cloud Native
Workloads on AWS

Aqua provides the most complete security solutions to protect workloads running on Amazon ECS, EKS, AWS Fargate.

Securing K8s Apps on Google
Cloud Platform

Aqua provides full lifecycle security for cloud native applications running
on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Native Security for Red Hat

Aqua provides a full-stack security solution for enterprises using Red Hat OpenShift to deploy their cloud native applications.

Native security across
VMware Tanzu

Aqua has partnered with VMware to natively protect applications running on
both Tanzu Application Service (TAS).

Full Lifecycle Security for
Azure Container Workloads

Protect your pipeline on Azure DevOps, and protect your applications running on AKS, ACI and Windows Containers.