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Airlock Digital 

Simple – Secure – Effective Application Whitelisting

Stop targeted attacks with Airlock application whitelisting

Application Whitelisting – Minimal Hassle.

Airlock makes application whitelisting easy

Simple to Use

Airlock has been purpose built to perform application whitelisting at scale, making whitelisting simple in complex and changing enterprise environments.


Creating, deploying and managing application whitelists with Airlock is fast, enabling organisations to become secure and compliant, sooner.

Complete Coverage.

Airlock provides the features you need to protect your environment

Binaries + Scripts

Airlock supports whitelisting of all binary files (executables / dll's) including scripts (PowerShell, VBScript, MSI, JavaScript, Batch Files & HTML executables)

File Reputation

Airlock provides an inbuilt file reputation service to help determine which files are safe to add to the whitelist. This service will also automatically identify any malicious and suspicious files inside your environment.

Secure & Compliant

"It seems that the extended security community has come to a consensus that AWL is one of the most important security technologies/techniques an organization can and should implement"
-U.S. Department of Homeland Security

No Compromises

Airlock does not compromise on security through efficiency. Airlock enforces application whitelisting in compliance with all requirements in multiple security standards


Airlock delivers an easy to use, secure and effective application whitelisting solution for business. This solution has been purpose built from the ground up to solve real-world application whitelisting challenges.

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