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Building bridges, breaking walls: Orleans Properties connects with HPE Networking Instant On
Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2023 11:29:05 AM
Aruba Instant On Success Story with Orleans Properties Header

Discover how Orleans Properties conquered delivering next generation internet connectivity amidst century-old brick structures with HPE Networking Instant On.

Step into the world of Orleans Properties, an esteemed name in  historical rehabilitation and downtown property operations. Behind the scenes, they faced a Herculean task — delivering flawless internet connectivity to their discerning guests. Hindered by century-old brick structures boasting formidable walls and resilient metal studs, their previous solution fell short, leaving them trapped in a cycle of reboots and replacements. With Instant On, Orleans Properties’ ushered in a new era of elevated satisfaction and unrivaled operational efficiency.


Embracing their unwavering commitment to excellence, Orleans Properties sought a solution that would cater to the connectivity needs  of 175 guests and 105 TVs. Their staff deployed Instant On AP 22 and AP 25 access points, along with Instant On switches. This cutting-edge arsenal of Wi-Fi 6 certified networking technology wove a web of uninterrupted and reliable connectivity that enveloped every nook and cranny of their properties.


HPE Networking Instant On introduced efficiency through its mobile app. Empowering the staff at Orleans Properties with visibility and control, the license-free cloud network management app allowed IT teams to effortlessly manage and monitor the network from afar.

Adjustments and troubleshooting became seamless, eliminating
the need for time-consuming on-site interventions.

The network management process was streamlined, saving precious time, unlocking hidden cost reductions, and bidding farewell to the frustrations that once clouded Wi-Fi troubleshooting.


Since deploying Instant On, Orleans Properties has
experienced a remarkable improvement in guest satisfaction. The reliable internet connection provided by HPE Networking has enabled Orleans Properties to maintain their luxury property’s stellar reputation, with over 98% positive reviews.

"Before HPE Networking Instant On, Wi-Fi was our biggest concern. Since switching to Instant On, we haven’t encountered any issues. It just works."

Christian Cancienne

President of Orleans Properties

The success with Instant On has prompted Orleans Properties to expand its usage across their residential properties as well as other real estate. Their confidence in the solution is so high that they have chosen Instant On for their upcoming fifth property. The ease of use, reliability, and exceptional performance offered by Instant On has solidified its position as the go-to networking solution for Orleans Properties.


The deployment of Instant On APs and switches, along with the user-friendly app, not only improved customer satisfaction but also boosted operational efficiency. With the peace of mind that Instant On brings, Orleans Properties can focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their guests, expanding their business, and continuing their legacy of excellence in the real estate industry.

Download HPE Networking Instant On Customer Success Story with Orleans Properties (.PDF)

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