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Scaling Cybersecurity with SASE – and What You Should Look for in a Solution
Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2021 10:47:06 AM

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By Negisa Taymourian, Cisco

In our last post on SASE security, we covered two key benefits of Secure Access Service Edge architecture — the security and simplicity that come from converging multiple services in a single solution delivered from the cloud. Today, we’re talking about scaling that cybersecurity to meet the growing needs of your business.

Cybersecurity at an entirely different scale

Today’s cybersecurity professionals are tasked with securing a myriad of “branches of one” — individual users connecting to apps, data, and the internet, all of whom need reliable security and performance. The rise of remote, branch, and hybrid work environments — along with more roaming users, on more devices, in more places — mean that the demands on your network and its security will only increase. You need to ensure your networking and security solutions are up for the challenge, scaling to provide the same strong protection — and the same performance and throughput — as your needs grow and evolve.

How can a SASE cloud security solution help? The key is its flexible architecture, which is designed to scale to secure all the users in your organization and adapt to meet all the changing needs of your business. When we talk about SASE solutions, we often speak of their simplicity in deployment and management. This simplicity should also apply to growth and the platform’s ability to easily integrate other networking and cybersecurity services:

  • You already have a variety of existing products in place — a SASE solution shouldn’t replace these products, but build on them, so you can get even more from your current investments.
  • As you increasingly move on-prem security to the cloud, your SASE solution should simplify the enforcement of policies across every environment.
  • Over time you’ll of course want to add new services to meet the unique security and networking needs of your business. Your SASE solution should have open APIs and a broad ecosystem, so these new solutions integrate easily and work as part of a unified whole.
  • Also, why pay for services you aren’t using? A SASE platform with a flexible consumption model lets you scale up or down to use only the solutions that matter to you.

There are a few other key components that will help your SASE solution keep up with your increasing demands. Microservices-based architecture gives you the flexibility to optimize performance anywhere. Direct peering with ISPs, CDNs, and SaaS platforms provides the fastest route to any request. And a high-performance, high-volume network allows for superior speed, reliability, and latency. Together, this architecture will ensure that all your users, everywhere, have the protection and performance they need, at any scale.

SASE is here to stay, and Cisco Umbrella is here to help

SASE opens the doors to simplicity, security, and scalability like no one other cybersecurity solution before it.

But, it’s not an easy standard to rise to — SASE requires the best solutions integrated with the best platform and the best network. Here at Cisco, we feel that our Umbrella cloud security solution is the best place to begin your SASE journey. It offers everything you need today with an extendable ecosystem for everything you’ll need tomorrow.

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-native security service that unifies a variety of leading networking and security solutions in one platform to provide powerful protection from cyberattacks. Backed by a trusted global network — featuring multi-tenant architecture with container-based microservices — Cisco Umbrella offers service flexibility, seamless updates and innovations, and automated scalability. Plus, Cisco Umbrella provides open APIs and an ecosystem designed for maximum product extensibility.

Cisco Umbrella delivers the most secure, most reliable, and fastest internet experience to more than 100 million users daily. And when it comes to SASE simplicity, security, and scalability, it’s hard to top Cisco Umbrella:


  • Streamlined procurement — single offer, single license that combines Cisco Umbrella and SD-WAN
  • Rapid return on investment — quick deployment at scale across environments
  • Easy integration with existing cybersecurity tools to simplify administration
  • Increased operational efficiency — simplified deployment, management, and policy enforcement across environments
  • Reduction in time, money, and resources needed to investigate and remediate incidents


  • Partnerships with 40+ leading IT companies to integrate threat intelligence and security enforcement and trigger appropriate actions
  • Backed by data from the largest private threat intelligence team
  • 96% threat detection rate — the highest in the industry
  • 72% reduction in dwell time with Cisco SecureX — saving hundreds of hours of analyst time with orchestration and automation
  • 72% elimination of manual investigation with Cisco SecureX


  • Direct peering with 1,000+ top ISPs, CDNs, and SaaS platforms (twice as many as competitors) — enabling the fastest route to and from SaaS apps
  • Ability to meet multi-cloud demand at scale with speed and low latency
  • Up to 73% latency reduction compared to ISPs
  • 33% reduction in hop count for improved experience with SaaS apps

The time has come to start your SASE journey and get powerful cloud security with simplicity and scalability to match. Cisco Umbrella is uniquely positioned to help you along the way, with both the solutions and the network to consolidate your tools, migrate to the cloud, and realize the possibilities of SASE the right way. For more information on this topic and Cisco’s unique approach to SASE, check out our ebook, Investing in a long-term security strategy: The 3 keys to achieving SASE.

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