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Virtual Graffiti Group Announces Opening of New Office in London, United Kingdom

LONDON – February 17th, 2017 - Virtual Graffiti, Inc announced today the opening of an office in London, United Kingdom as part of an ongoing initiative to expand the Company’s sales presence internationally and explore business development opportunities in the region. Virtual Graffiti Limited was established by Virtual Graffiti, Inc in partnership with a new UK management team led by Jonny Wahlhaus, who was instrumental in successfully establishing Virtual Graffiti in Australia in 2010. “We have received an enthusiastic response from manufacturers, distributors and customers in the region to the introduction of the highly successful and very customer focused Virtual Graffiti model”, said Jonny Wahlhaus, Managing Director, Virtual Graffiti Limited. Virtual Graffiti Limited brings a new approach to reaching customers in the global market. Customers in the UK will have a single go-to source for security and IT infrastructure technology. The Virtual Graffiti Limited office will build on Virtual Graffiti’s approach to selling technology, starting with comprehensive product knowledge and outstanding support to guide customers in making smart IT buying decisions that fit their unique requirements. “The region has long been a major focus of our business, and we believe it will continue to present attractive opportunities for us to leverage our technology expertise for our global customers,” said Hillel Sackstein, CEO of Virtual Graffiti, Inc. “Having a regionally focused, globally-integrated Virtual Graffiti office in London will significantly enhance our ability to capitalize on those opportunities.” ABOUT VIRTUAL GRAFFITI, INC: Virtual Graffiti, Inc is one of the fastest growing IT solutions providers for business, government and education. The company has over 30,000 customers worldwide, serving multiple business verticals including finance, medical, government, education and commercial industries. To learn more about Virtual Graffiti Limited, Visit For further information: Virtual Graffiti Limited Telephone: +44 (0)845 463 7515